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Easy to Customize

Open Transactions does all of the heavy transactional lifting to protect your votes. You'll be able to hook up your machines to the Open Transactions API and quickly use our services for all of your custody needs.

Rapidly Deployable

Machine agnostic. Your state certified hardware, our optimized chain-of-custody service that maximizes privacy.

Super Fast

So fast you’ll be amazed cryptography is the bedrock of the technology you’re using.

Clean Design

Matter Voting’s technology is designed to be clean and pleasant to navigate for an Auditor, Engineer, or User. We keep it simple, like all thing should be.

Failure Resistant

Even if you have temporary internet or power outages, thanks to our decentralized notary services, you can continue operations just as securely.

Unique Features

Your chain of custody is secure by customizable agreements between multiple parties, containing user-defined scripted clauses, hooks, and variables. The right people, have the right control, and nothing less.

The best way to enable privacy, security, and audibility.

Voting made simple, for the user, and the vendor. Learn More

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